Configure a
Landaira Gasification System
for Your Needs

Landaira provides the world’s only complete, patented, and field-proven gasification solution that reduces the carbon footprint of municipal solid waste (MSW) by up to 90% when compared to landfills.

The Landaira gasification system offers:

Low Thermal Decomposition

No presorting, and managed gasification for up to 95% reduction of all MSW.


Batch processing of all MSW — without pre-sorting, drying or shredding.


Simply designed with very few moving parts.

Low Cost

Low capital and operating costs for municipalities.


Smooth operation for 25 years or more.

Modular, Flexible Configurations

Our systems are engineered for flexibility. From initial planning and feedstock handling to adaptation for electrical generation, our engineers work with you to design a custom system for your unique requirements. We use the latest in computer-aided design methods to configure and build the Landaira gasification system that will transform your waste into carbon and clean synthetic gas.

A Complete, Integrated Solution

A typical, end-to-end Landaira gasification system includes everything needed for MSW gasification:

Waste Bailing System

The waste baling system is engineered to handle all MSW. It is equipped with a bottom-mounted wrapping unit, bale ejection to the side, and a single feeding conveyor. The finished bales are ejected onto a roller conveyor that moves the bales for processing.

Autoclave Processing Modules

Each autoclave in a Landaira gasification system can process up to three tons of waste in approximately six hours. The system can be configured to process the required volume of waste each day.

Integrated Control System

The integrated control system includes software and programmable logic controllers that manage gasification. It offers remote monitoring and operation, as well as complete data logging and sharing options.

Easy Configuration

TheĀ  complete Landaira gasification system can be configured to operate on a compact footprint and scale to meet any MSW processing requirement

Move up to Eco-Friendly Landaira Gasification

Reduce landfill requirements by up to 95% and greenhouse gases by up to 90% over landfills, lower recycling costs, and generate energy with the ultimate waste management solution.

Make your move to a proven MSW gasification system.

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