Committed to Eliminating the Physical and Environmental Footprint of Municipal Solid Waste


Landaira is dedicated to global environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and the elimination of the solid waste footprint for a greener tomorrow.


With the Thermal Conversion technology developed in 2009 in Tennessee, Landaira is dedicated to global environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and the elimination of the municipal solid waste footprint for a greener tomorrow.

The patented Thermal Conversion technology transforms solid waste into carbon, ash, and a clean-burning synthetic gas, which can be used to produce heat or electricity. The process is simple, requiring no additional outside processing, and capable of being scaled over time to meet growing municipal needs.

The process can accommodate a wide range of carbon-based waste streams and in terms of output produces several value-added products, such as bottom ash for concrete aggregate, sterilized recyclables, and synthetic gas for power production. At no point during the Landaira process does combustion of waste occur, both temperature and air content within the autoclave are highly regulated to prevent the formation of toxic emissions.


Apparatus and Method for Producing Activated Carbon: US Patent No. 8,715,582

Process to Produce an Engineered Carbon: US Patent No. 11,325,834 B2
International - patent applications filed in Australia, China, India, and at the European Patent Office

Reactor for the Advanced Thermal Chemical Conversion processing of Municipal Solid Waste: US Patent No. 11,098,251 B2

Advanced Thermal Chemical Conversion Process of Municipal Solid Waste: US Patent No. 11,584,893 B2. Applications filed internationally.

Applications filed in Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Russia, China, India, South Africa,
and at the European Patent Office

Patents are owned by CBG Holdings LLC and/or Bright Sand Inc., and exclusively licensed to CBG Holdings LLC.

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Johannes Ziebarth

Johannes Ziebarth

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 29 years of experience with electrical infrastructure projects, more than 15 years of which were as a senior executive, Johannes Ziebarth is intimately familiar with the processes that must be in place to ensure the success of new businesses, established organizations, and major construction programs. Johannes has served on the executive team of several successful businesses, and on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity, the Board of Directors of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), the Board of Directors of the Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency, and the Board of Directors of Pillar 5 Pharmaceuticals. He has participated in a number of startup companies as an angel investor, as part of a consortium of investors, and in advisory and board positions.

Spencer Warren

Spencer Warren


Spencer Warren has over 20 years’ experience managing large complex P3 projects globally, specializing in operational excellence at a senior management level. His professional experience and network extend to sectors including the energy, academia, non-profit, environmental, international development, social innovation, and project management. Spencer serves on the Board of Trustees for the Ottawa Catholic School Board as an elected Trustee, now serving his second term. He also sits on several Boards and Committees helping to support new innovative and technological advancements for the community.

Spencer holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

As the Founder and Chairperson for Kids Play Safe not-for-profit, Spencer has raised over 1-million dollars towards childhood preventable injuries with a focus on concussions in sports, earning him the United Way Community Builders award.

Vincent Harkins

Vincent Harkins

Chief Financial Officer

Vincent Harkins has 32 years of experience with ALCOA managing global business units specializing in building and construction. He has worked in finance, general management, and project management, and he has extensive experience in exporting. During his career, he has been involved in several startup businesses, established design offices globally, and created new business in foreign markets.

Vincent holds a BBA in Accounting from James Madison University in Virginia.

John G

John Georgantosoulos

Vice President, International Business Development

As a natural entrepreneur, John has led his own successful ventures for over 30 years. John founded and managed an Internet Services company for 20+ years, while simultaneously working on other business ventures. John has been involved in the negotiation of several projects in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, with both Government and private sector partners. Two of these projects were successful in acquiring funding from CIDA.

John has a degree in Computer Business Sciences and Database Structures.

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