Transform Waste for a Greener Tomorrow

Dedicated to global environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and the elimination of the solid waste footprint for a greener tomorrow.

Convert Waste Into Renewable Energy


Transform up to 95% of MSW into carbon and ash residue, and create clean synthetic gas that can be used to generate electricity.

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Eco-Friendly Landaira Thermal Conversion

Reduce greenhouse gases in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills by up to 99% with the patented Thermal Conversion process. (US Patent No. 11,098,251 B2).

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Eliminate Sorting, Drying, and Shredding

Streamline waste management to protect the environment using a unique baling process with the Thermal Conversion System that sterilizes recyclables while reducing the need for landfills.

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Landaira provides the world's only complete, patented, and field-proven Thermal Conversion solution that reduces the volume of municipal solid waste (MSW) by up to 99%.

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