Get the Ultimate Solution
for Municipal Solid Waste

Saving our Planet with a proven Thermal Conversion Solution


The patented Thermal Conversion system transforms carbon-based materials into ash, carbon residue, and synthetic gas. It is engineered for municipalities and landfill operators to reduce a variety of solid waste with little residue, including:

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)



Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)


Cotton Stalks

Corn Stalks

Rail Ties

Optimize Processing of Municipal Solid Waste

Additionally, the Thermal Conversion system is ideal for recycling operations. The 600°C to 800°C low-heat thermal conversion process sterilizes household metals and glass, creating marketable recyclables.


No Sorting


No Drying


No Shredding

Move up to Eco-Friendly Thermal Conversion

Reduce landfill requirements by up to 95% and CO2 equivalents by up to 99% over landfills, lower recycling costs, and generate energy with the ultimate waste management solution.

Make your move to a proven MSW thermal conversion system.

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